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Customize On/Offline images


Nov 4, 2003, 9:56 AM

Customize On/Offline images

I am using the Free version of CSLive and have created custom online and offline images, added them to CSLIve via the admin section but I am unable to "select" them or determine how to tell CSLive to use the new images.

Any help?


Nov 20, 2003, 10:35 AM

Re: [cfoster] Customize On/Offline images


In CSLive, click on ADMINISTRATION then click on LINK CREATOR. Click on the link ID you want to edit. At the bottom, you'll see the online and offline graphic picks lists. Simply click on the graphic you want to use and click save.

You need to make sure you uploaded your graphics in the GRAPHIC CENTER first. Upload an online and offline graphic (assuming you want to use both an online and offline graphic).

If you need help, you can always go to www.cslive.com and contact the CSLive support department. They are very helpful and spend as much time as you need to help you. It is really an awesome product that blows the others out of the water!Cool