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Wireless Service Desk voor HP Openview Service Desk

Web Site URL:
Discussion Forum:  
Category:  Other Resources
Description:  Using a wireless connection you can synchronise information between a handheld device and HP OpenView Service Desk. It offers the functionality you need to register, accept, modify and close Service Calls real-time. It keeps your configuration database up to date. Also supports barcode interface.
Price:  $5000 per base fee (no concurrent users)
Licensed Customers:  n.a.
Licensed Technicians:  n.a.
Additional pricing options page URL:
Free upgrades? If so, how long?:  Maintenance & support fee
Upgrade costs:  Through maintenance & support fee
Support costs:  20% of total purchase price (including maintenance)
Locally installed software for customers:   Not Required  
Locally installed software for technicians:   Not Required  
Acceptable Servers:


     Not Applicable. Server is provided.
     Windows NT
     Windows 2000
     Windows ME
     Windows 98
     Windows 95
     Windows 3.11
     Novell Netware
Compatible Server Software:


     Not Applicable. Server software is provided.
     Microsoft SQL Server
     Microsoft Access
     Cold Fusion
Acceptable Workstations:


     Windows NT
     Windows 2000
     Windows ME
     Windows 98
     Windows 95
     Windows 3.11
  PDA's (eg. Palm Pilot)
Features:   Searchable database
  Reference numbers assigned
     F.A.Q. (knowledgebase)
     Customer information database
  Asset tracking database
     Billing/Sales database
  Automatic escalation
     Follow-up satisfaction surveys
  Customer history
     Confirmation email sent to customers
     Technician email notifications
     Pager capable
     News/status notification announcements
Customizable Features:      Fields
     Font appearance
     Button images
Source code available?:  No   

* This information was submitted to by the help desk vendor.
However, information and pricing may vary due to changes in the product.
We encourage you to visit their website to get the most accurate information.



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